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Leonardo Da Vinci needed a coach. Maybe you do too? Reach out here

Leonardo Coaching is named in honor of Leonardo Da Vinci, an epic innovator whose assigned day job for 30 years was Master of Parties and Banquets, and Director of Fortifications. Not what we remember his life was about, right? How did he juggle it all? Da Vinci led many a manager and the most powerful people in the world to despair at the capacity gap between his visionary innovative ideas and project management execution. As a result, Leonardo only completed a handful of paintings - amidst so much remembered ground-breaking future possibilities. A success in some ways, and a tragedy in others.


My mission with Leonardo Coaching is to holistically, rigorously, empower future leaders and deliver transformational coaching excellence to young professionals during this period of disruptive change: vision, values, action.

Leonardo Coaching - Your Life Path Partner



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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison