Here's what I do: 


  • deliver external coaching excellence to global clients.


  • help my clients curate the right problem, and then empower their progress from vision to action.


  • deploy Design Thinking, a respected method for rapidly re-framing problems to reveal unexpected (often visionary) new solutions. The coaching process inherently promotes success by moving vision forward into compassionate, accountable action.

  • greet the future of work as mobile, global, and connected - knowing coaching is the edge helping motivated clients prototype the resilient reinvention required to succeed at this epic moment of tech-driven transformation.

  • offer myself as a confidential external coach & active listener accountable only to my client, regardless of who foots the bill. In this capacity as an external sounding board and insightful listener, I provide young professionals a trusting, supportive space to go deep, reflect, renew, and then go-forth again to lead with vision and confidence.

Let's talk TODay!

Success is yours.

What can you expect? Coaching is all about forwarding the action given where you are right now. As your trusted and confidential external coach, my only mission is to help you gain clarity on your goals, imagine new possibilities, break through defined/undefined blocks holding you back from achieving your goals,  and empower you with action plans designed so you reach your fullest potential in an authentic life of realized purpose that you recognize as yours. 

*** Please know coaching works best for forward-looking high-achievers and is not appropriate for those seeking mental health support. Therapy is a related but completely different respected and licensed profession. I am a coach here to help you with goals and action plans. Are you ready?!

Nancy Austin, PhD is an ICF-certified, design thinking coach with decades of experience helping young professionals succeed. Available for remote coaching (EST) [& not at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA - Metro: Kendall Square/MIT].


Leonardo Coaching is Leadership, Confidence & Career Coaching for Young Professionals. Your Life Path Partner. Proven Success. 

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