Here's what I do: 


  • deliver external coaching excellence to global clients.


  • help my clients curate the right problem, and then empower their progress from vision to action.


  • deploy Design Thinking, a respected method for rapidly re-framing problems to reveal unexpected (often visionary) new solutions. The coaching process inherently promotes success by moving vision forward into compassionate, accountable action.

  • greet the future of work as mobile, global, and connected - knowing coaching is the edge helping motivated clients prototype the resilient reinvention required to succeed at this epic moment of tech-driven transformation.

  • offer myself as a confidential external coach & active listener accountable only to my client, regardless of who foots the bill. In this capacity as an external sounding board and insightful listener, I provide young professionals a trusting, supportive space to go deep, reflect, renew, and then go-forth again to lead with vision and confidence.